Bundaberg Walkers

Bundaberg Walkers has a team of sugar industry technologists and engineering staff who can provide recommendations to improve the efficiency and output of your plant. We have technologists and engineering consulting staff with individual experience of over 30 years in manufacturing sugar, sugar related equipment and other industry related engineering works.

Bundaberg Walkers offers services from a complete technical evaluation of the whole plant down to simply designing or improving individual stations or key pieces of equipment. Our consulting staff will identify and prioritise areas of improvement within the factory that will enable your business to gain the best return on investment.

The subsequent evaluation report will provide management with comprehensive information for decision making and the timely utilisation of investment funds, taking into account the existing market and economic conditions.

Bundaberg Walkers understands the sugar business. As part of a milling and refinery group, our association creates a very ‘customer’ conscious approach. This goes beyond the desire to simply sell equipment.

Bundaberg Walkers’ association with the Bundaberg Sugar Group enables it to offer industry developed and proven solutions for plant and operations auditing. Cost-effective engineering and training solutions can be delivered to maximise sucrose recovery and improve returns.

Our audits cover:

  • Total sugar manufacture, from cane transport to refining
  • Improving factory operations – cane receival, handling, preparation, extraction and processing
  • Maintenance programs to reduce cost and downtime
  • Automation solutions to streamline factory operations and reduce production costs
  • Process design for the total factory
  • Mass and energy balance studies
  • Control system design incorporating PLC, DCS, SCADA etc
  • GPS monitored cane transport delivery systems
  • Ethanol studies

As part of a sugar business, Bundaberg Walkers focuses on the demands of economic requirements, achieving engineering solutions with a customer conscious approach.

Pressure Vessel Audits

Bundaberg Walkers can facilitate Pressure Vessel audits and comprehensive inspection services to ensure compliance and serviceability in accordance with Australian Standards AS 1210 and AS 3788. This service can be used to design new vessels, review existing vessels in position on site and to provide technical advice relating to modifications or upgrades of existing vessels to meet the requirements of the current Australian Standards and for Design Registration.

Bundaberg Walkers can arrange ACIRP Level of service in association with our analytical capability on a case by case basis.