Bundaberg Walkers

Bundaberg Walkers has the experience and the expertise with project management, from conceptual design to commissioning; we have the facilities to look after the entire project.

Projects successfully undertaken by Bundaberg Walkers:

Project Description

Cane Milling Tandem 16,000 TCD

Cane Milling Tandem 30,000 TCD

Cane Milling Tandem 16,000 TCD

Cane Mills 10,000 TCD

First Hydraulic Drive 2134mm Mill in Australia

Hydraulic Drive 2540mm Mill for 20,000 TCD

Complete Cane Factory

Cane Milling Plant Upgrade

Hydraulic Drive 2540mm Mill for 20,000 TCD

Sugar Curing Crystalliser Station

Largest continuous vacuum pan & receivers in the industry

Australia’s newest syrup factory 4,000 TCD syrup/expandable

Cane Milling Tandem Upgrade

Cane Milling Plant Upgrade

6 x 100″ 6 Roll Mills for 24,000 TCD

5 x 90″ 6 Roll Mills & Control Systems for initial capacity of 12,000 TCD

2 Roll Mill Pre Diffuser Extractor with a capacity of 400 TCH


Rerm Udom, Thailand

Korach, Thailand

Nakornpetch, Thailand

Kampangpetch, Thailand

CSR Victoria, Queensland, Australia

Mulgrave, Queensland, Australia

NAT & L, Vietnam

Sulawesi, Indonesia

CSR Plane Creek, Queensland, Australia

Invicta, Queensland, Australia

Tully, Queensland, Australia

Tablelands Mill, Queensland, Australia





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