Bundaberg Walkers

Bundaberg Walkers Engineering Ltd has heavy and light fabrication shops, supporting some of the latest welding and material handling technology.

A heavy machine shop is equipped with CNC machining centres, some of the largest lathes in Queensland and a range of specialised machine tools.

Bundaberg Walkers’ foundry has the ability to produce a wide variety of metals with modern electric induction furnaces.

The engineering and design departments are equipped with the latest design software and modelling facilities that support workshop operations and provide general technical services.

Project management and contracts administration teams facilitate turnkey projects.

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities are complemented by a diverse network of suppliers and service providers contributing to the business.


Bundaberg Walkers Engineering Ltd has a fully equipped machine shop with turning and milling machines covering all general engineering requirements. The workshop has a range of large centre lathes, the largest with a swing of 2000mm (78″) over the saddle and 8000mm (26′) between centres, this lathe regularly machines sugar mill rollers in excess of 40 tonnes.

Bundaberg Walkers has a CNC capability with a Mazak CNC machining centre, the latest OKK and a CNC lathe that are suitable for highly repetitive work such as sugar mill brass bearings and shredder discs.

Casting Facilities

Bundaberg Walkers has three electric induction furnaces. The foundry facility can provide castings up to 25 tonnes in selected materials. The foundry is equipped with the latest spectrometer and analytical equipment to ensure composition accuracy. This gives Bundaberg Walkers the ability to manufacture a wide range of irons and steels including white irons, high tensile irons, alloy steels and bronze castings.

A wide range of brass bearing configurations are cast and machined for the sugar industry. These bearings are designed for strength by Bundaberg Walkers and they have a proven track record of reliable performance in the most arduous conditions.

The latest moulding technology is employed to ensure quick accurate moulds are produced quickly and effectively. Computer generated solidification models are used to achieve optimal mould design ensuring a high and consistent standard of quality.

Bundaberg Walkers has a fully equipped pattern shop where patterns are produced to customer or Bundaberg Walkers’ drawings. Customer supplied patterns can also be used in our flexible moulding centre.

A metallurgist is available to advise on all casting and material requirements.