Bundaberg Walkers

In late 2005, Bundaberg Walkers successfully commissioned a single milling Tandem with a design capacity of 24,000 tonnes of cane per day at 13% Fibre in Cane for Surin Sugar Factory in Thailand. This green field site was located in Surin Province 400km north east of Bangkok.

The scope of works included design, specification, manufacture, delivery to Bangkok, installation supervision and commissioning services. Major equipment consisted of six (6) x 2500 long Six Roller Mills. The No. 1 and 6 positions each consisted of a Heavy Duty Pressure Feeder and Mill while the No.’s 2, 3, 4 and 5 positions each consisted of Medium Duty Pressure Feeders and Mill units.

While Bundaberg Walkers had input on the development of other mill house components in early stages, for this project, the mill gearing, electric drives, control system, juice handling system and other mill house infrastructure was supplied by others.

Actual manufacture of the mill tandem equipment was carried out over an approximate twelve month period. Manufacture was scheduled in such a way to allow progressive dispatch of equipment to meet the onsite installation programs.

Once the customer had completed customs clearance procedures and equipment was arriving on site, the Installation Engineer travelled to site to commence installation supervision of the equipment supplied by Bundaberg Walkers.

Installation services were provided by the customer. Assembly of the six milling units was carried out over an approximate twelve week period and concurrently with other mill house equipment. Cold commissioning was carried out over a two week period followed by a two week hot commissioning period during the first weeks of the crushing season starting around November 2005.
In 2009 the milling tandem was consistently achieving an extraction of 97% and final moisture of 49% at a nominal rate of 1000 tonnes of cane per hour.

The Surin Project is an example of one particular project undertaken Bundaberg Walkers. For more information on this project and other examples of projects and services available, contact Bundaberg Walkers directly.