Bundaberg Walkers

Our Mission

To be a successful engineering, manufacturing and technical services business delivering to our customers the benefits of diversified production and innovative products.

Our Objectives

  • to provide safe, equitable and rewarding employment for our people
  • to provide security of supply to our customers
  • to develop industry best practice and innovative processes throughout our business
  • to commit to further development and manufacture of technically advanced milling and process technology for the benefit of the global sugar industry
  • to ensure operating standards meet the environmental and sustainability requirements of the community
  • to provide product satisfaction and service delivery that meets or exceeds our customers expectations
  • to have a successful and rewarding business which achieves shareholder, employee and other key stakeholders expectations

Corporate Structure

Bundaberg Walkers Engineering Ltd is a member of the Bundaberg Sugar Group of companies, wholly owned by Finasucre, the Belgian cane and beet sugar manufacturer.

Bundaberg Walkers Engineering Ltd takes full advantage of the operating edge it gains from its close association with Bundaberg Sugar Ltd. Bundaberg Walkers harnesses this invaluable practical know-how to deliver market-leading consultancy services in:

  • Technical audits
  • Feasibility studies
  • Plant expansion planning
  • Preparation and evaluation of refurbishment and modernisation proposals

corporate structure

Walkers Acquisition

The Walkers Sugar Business had developed over 100 years of experience working with the global sugar industry.

The acquisition of the Walkers Sugar Business by Bundaberg Foundry Engineers Ltd in 2003 ensured that the Walkers expertise and intellectual property resided with a company suitably positioned to add the Walkers’ products to its own well regarded range of equipment.

Bundaberg Walkers’ genuine products can be found throughout the world – in Australia, Asia/Pacific, Africa and the Americas.