Bundaberg Walkers

Sugar Industry machinery designed, manufactured and supplied by Bundaberg Walkers includes the following:

Cane Handling

Cane tippers, rotating cane tippers, mechanical unloaders, feed tables, main cane carriers, main cane elevators, intermediate drag type carriers and cleated rubber belt intercarriers.

Cane Preparation

Cane levellers, cane knives, reverse fiberisers and heavy duty cane shredders, incorporating the latest maintenance saving features.

Cane Milling Equipment

Complete milling installations consisting of bronze and spherical roller bearing mills in A-frame or conventional design, with either a 4th feeder roller, a medium pressure feeder or a heavy duty pressure feeder arrangement. The pressure feeder arrangements can be supplied with grooved or toothed underfeed rollers. The range of milling equipment also includes the 2-Roll Bundaberg High Extraction Mill (BHEM) and, the latest Bundaberg Walkers development, the rate enhanced 4-Roll BHEM.

Mill Drive Gears

Open type gearing, meeting latest AGMA standards, using through hardened spur and helical gears and pinions.

An attractive compact and flexible alternative to open gearing is the Dual Input Electro-Mechanical Mill Drive. This self contained assembly incorporates a single spur gear driven by two input pinions. Primary reducers and electric motors are mounted directly onto the input shafts of the fully enclosed drive unit. Variable Frequency Drives are used to control motor speed.

Another effective and efficient mill drive is the Shaft mounted Electro-Mechanical Drive arrangement. These units provide a compact and highly flexible option to drive and control a modern Sugar Cane Crushing Mill. Shaft mounted Planetary Gear Units are used to transmit drive motion directly from the Motor to the Roller Shaft at the required speed. Motor speed is controlled by a dedicated Variable Frequency Drive. Contact our offices directly to discuss the alternative mill drives available.

A wide range of proprietary gear drives can be specified and sourced through Bundaberg Walkers.

Independent Electro-Mechanical Drives

The rapid development of electro technology has assisted Bundaberg Walkers with the development of the shaft mounted electro-mechanical drives. Bundaberg Walkers first pioneered this drive arrangement for a project in Mexico in 1999 to increase the rate on an existing mill unit.

Independent electro-mechanical drives are available on our complete range of crushing mills including the 2-Roll BHEM, independent 4th Roller drives, independent pressure feeder drives, a complete independently driven 6-roller mill or even a complete milling tandem with all rollers independently driven. The Saharuang Project is an example of a complete milling tandem with all rollers independently driven.

The most prominent feature of the electro-mechanical driven mill is that the drives are constantly monitoring the torque being applied to achieve precise control of the mill. There is almost no slip and therefore less wear on roller shells. The gearbox temperature and electric motor load is constantly monitored and alarms will advise problems. Human intervention is limited.

Combined with a BWEL Programmed Control System, the electro-mechanical drive arrangements effectively achieve constant torque milling and contribute to low energy milling. Implementing electro-mechanical drives means steam previously used for mill turbines can now be redirected through multi-stage power turbines to generate additional electricity. Because electric drives are more efficient, surplus electricity can be exported or alternatively, the fuel usage can be reduced and stockpiled for later use.

To find out more about our Independent Electro-Mechanical Drives, contact our offices directly.

Mill House and Process House Control

The Mill Control System offered by Bundaberg Walkers fully integrates operation of all equipment in the Milling Station and includes speed control of the Prepared Cane Elevator, Main Carrier and Side Carrier.

The control system integrates such functions as Sequence of Operation, Stop/Start, Speed Control, Chute Height Control and Mill Torque Control. Additional functions include the monitoring of equipment for Temperature, Flow and Pressure readings.

Alarms will be activated when any parameter is outside the preset values and an automatic stop will occur if a parameter reaches a critical value. A Historical Alarm Log is available to assist with ‘Trouble Shooting’ and Trends are also available for Process Variations.

The control system will provide remote sequential start and stop of the milling train as well as providing chute height control, torque control on each mill and maceration addition control.

Bundaberg Walkers’ Control Systems for the Raw Sugar Process or Refinery include packages for Juice and Syrup Handling, Clarification, Mud Filtration, Evaporation, Control of Sugar Boiling, Fugal Sequencing and Sugar Drying.

Process Equipment

New Trayless Clarifiers
  • Conversion of multi-trayed clarification units into the more efficient trayless clarifier
  • Complete drive and scraper retrofits as part of the conversion process
  • Retro-fit Perforated Screens and Launder Arrangements
Juice Heaters
  • Horizontal and vertical juice heaters – fabricated shell, cast headers, stainless heating tubes
Batch and Continious Vacuum Pans
  • Traditional units
  • Modern units with vertical, steel-tubed calandria with centre well and pan stirrer
  • Pan stirrers with fixed or adjustable blades
  • Stirrers to enhance Continuous Vacuum Pan (CVP) performance
  • CVP sizes up to 150m3, for A, B and C massecuites
  • Horizontal crystallisers, incorporating the latest coil technology
  • Coils have a high cooling surface to volume ratio
  • Compatible with existing crystalliser shells
  • Continuous crystallisation process – cost effective reduction of final molasses purities
Massecuite Reheaters
  • Proven, efficient and cost effective design

Cane & Bagasse Diffusers

Latest Diffuser Technology through Alliance partners.

Cane Locomotives

Complete re-gauging and modernisation of main line and shunting locomotives over to cane haulage duty. New haulage locomotives custom-designed to client specifications.


Other products that Bundaberg Walkers supplies are:

  • Complete package turbo alternator installations
  • Steam turbines for mills and shredders
  • High speed gear boxes
  • Mill control systems
  • Top roll hydraulics and lubrication systems