Bundaberg Walkers

Bundaberg Walkers Engineering Ltd employs a broad range of professional and semi-professional people in disciplines that will challenge and expand ones knowledge and ability. Career development opportunities are available to all Bundaberg Walkers employees.

Most rewarding is the opportunity to liaise with many other Australian companies, International organisations and cultures and in some cases travel overseas to secure, finalise and implement projects.

This page outlines some of the various opportunities that may arise in our company from time to time. If you are qualified or have experience in any of the following positions and you would like to be a part of Bundaberg Walkers Engineering Ltd, please feel free to e-mail your resume to: results@bundabergwalkers.com.au


Bundaberg Walkers Engineering Ltd offers selected traineeships throughout each year. Traineeships are on offer for anyone who completes year 12 and is looking for a successful career at Bundaberg Walkers.

For example, during an engineering traineeship, you would work under the general supervision of other senior staff, learning to develop an understanding of engineering concepts and terminology; develop the ability to read, interpret and prepare drawings and specifications; develop computer skills in the execution of work and develop the ability to perform material take-offs for estimates.

Any one of the traineeships will offer more than just a job; it gives you the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of interesting activities, and provides exposure to a wide range of engineering and manufacturing tools and technology.

As your career develops, you will be presented with challenging problems that will stimulate personal development and you may have the opportunity to travel within Australia and Overseas while participating in large projects.