Bundaberg Walkers

Bundaberg Walkers Engineering Ltd is committed to conducting its business with proper regard for the protection and enhancement of the environment.

In pursuing this objective, the Company operates an Integrated Environmental Management System to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

In addition, the company is committed to continual review and improvement in all activities including minimising its use of materials and energy, and where possible reducing wastes.

Environment awareness will be promoted amongst all employees and contractors to increase understanding of environmental matters.

Environment Management

Supported by the Environment Policy Statement, Bundaberg Walkers is committed to investigate opportunities to minimise and where possible eliminate emissions and waste products generated during the manufacturing processes.

An example of our commitment is the use of a Steel Shot Blast Facility for the surface treatment of manufactured equipment. This installation significantly reduces abrasive blast medium waste previously sent to land fill by effectively recycling the steel shot blast medium.

During 2008, there was a major upgrade to the storm water management system. This included the extension and rehabilitation of the stormwater drainage system and containment areas.

Bundaberg Walkers has also undertaken considerable rehabilitation of the river bank along the property boundary. An effective buffer zone has been established and one particular area has been transformed into a pleasant park-recreation area used by factory personnel for break periods and social gatherings.