Bundaberg Walkers

Bundaberg Walkers Engineering Ltd is engaged in the project management, design, manufacture, supply and erection of plant and equipment to the power generation, mining, sugar, marine and general engineering industries in both domestic and international markets.

The objective of Bundaberg Walkers Engineering Ltd is to ensure customer satisfaction through the supply of goods and services which meet the requirements of all Australian Standards, statutory requirements, Bundaberg Walkers benchmark standards and specific requirements as stipulated by the customer.

To achieve this objective we have shown commitment to quality through the establishment and maintenance of a quality assurance system based on AS/NZS ISO 9001.

The unerring commitment from management and employees striving for quality excellence will result in continued improvement in levels of job satisfaction at Bundaberg Walkers Engineering Ltd.

The attainment of quality requires dedication from all levels of the organisation. Close adherence to documented procedures ensures quality is an inherent part of all Bundaberg Walkers Products.

Bundaberg Walkers Engineering Ltd Quality Assurance System will be updated regularly to incorporate improvements.

Quality Assurance Services

Guided by the Quality Policy Statement, Bundaberg Walkers provide comprehensive In-House and External Quality Services to the sugar, power generation, mining, marine and general engineering industries for a range of engineering applications.

Specific quality requirements are determined for each project and communicated throughout the organisation. Where required, documentation provided upon completion of projects includes Cast Compliance Certificates, Heat Treatment Certificates, Welding Documentation, NDT Reports, Dimensional Inspection Sheets and Manufactures Data Reports.

Bundaberg Walkers will work with customers where additional QA requirements are specified for equipment manufactured in-house.

External Quality Services include the provision of Non -Destructive Inspection services and provision of Pressure Vessel Audits to ensure compliance and serviceability in accordance with Australia Standards AS1210 and AS3788.

Non-Destructive Inspection services include Liquid Penetrate, Magnetic Particle, Ultrasonic and where required Radiographic Inspections of shafts, couplings, gears, tanks, castings, weldments and other mechanical equipment.

The facility for Pressure Vessel Audits can be used to design new vessels, review existing vessels for ongoing service and compliance. It can also be used to provide technical guidance relating to modifications and upgrades to existing vessels within the requirements of current Australian Standards and to undertake design registration.

Bundaberg Walkers can arrange ACIRP Level of service in association with our analytical capability on a case by case basis.